Always Growing

As a growing firm, we are constantly looking for talented individuals. We aspire to do great work that makes a difference to our clients. Our three basic criteria are:
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Our consultants normally have a bachelors or masters degree, typically in business or economics. However, we also have team members with different educational backgrounds. Whatever your background, it is important that you have very strong analytical skills and enjoy solving complex problems.
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Work experience
In order to solve client problems, we need consultants with a mixture of both the theoretical tools and real world practical experience. In practice this means either actual management consulting experience with a Top 20 consulting firm or a strong background in the agrifood value chain (or both).
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Personal characteristics
Your personal skills are very important. A good consultant moves the bottom line figures by moving the mind-set of the company. It is not enough to understand our customers’ business; you also have to understand their culture. Therefore, empathy and interpersonal skills are important qualities for us.

Experienced Management Consultants

Do you know people who are between roles or out of work and therefore “consultants”? We are not interested in them. We need real, actual experienced management consultants, able to use “MECE”, “preliminary hypothesis” and “issue tree” in a sentence. If you have never made a Mekko chart, this isn’t you. Retail/FMCG experience would be a bonus. You’ve worked at one of the Top 20 consulting firms, but you would like to (1) travel less, (2) have your life back and (3) actually spend some time with your family. We have offices, with beanbags and coffee machines. But many of our team works from home much of the time. If you’re brilliant enough, you can work from the back of a surfboard for all we care – as long as you can “wow”. We work on some of the leading issues facing the food, FMCG and agribusiness sector in Australasia and Asia. Joining our team will be interesting, diverse, challenging and career enhancing. We’re also fun. All experienced consultants would have the opportunity to become Director Shareholders.

Absolute Excel Tool

The word analyst is thrown around a lot lately. Every desk jockey who does a bit of math is suddenly one. Its gotten so bad the guy making your coffee will soon be a bean analyst. We’re not after them. The movie “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” – seen that? We’re after that, just replace sushi with Excel. You know who you are. In addition to the standard requirements, send through your best formula ever.

That sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Please use “recruiting” as the first half.